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In fact I would tend to point out pretty quickly a thing i picked up in aa, every problem i ever had i was there.I may not be the norm but it doesn't mean I am not normal. Different people have different life priorities and that is just life. If you don't have...sometimes is a reason..only your choice. I get questions like "do you not like kids" "do you not like to be married" "what is your story" ... Or tell them you had too many choices and couldn't decide who you would marry.There is no shame at all in being single,over 40,no kids,never married and living a happy and productive life. rude yes but I am usually left speechless while I try to defend my life. Or tell them marriage is against your religion - I don't know!if they are rude early on (rude being an attitude not questioning but trying to be hurtful) then they are probably going to be rude down the line and its time to say goodbye (or as bob seeger said "im late for the door") Yikes! Its hard to hook up to an older women..I bet 40 year old guys are not looking for 40 year old women, though there are exptions. When I go to bed I don't want to feel I am sleeping with my mother.I see you live in Staten Island...that is SCARY....... There may be very well still good looking women at 40...how much perspective is in that? At 40 men won't do the beauty of the stuff he is opened to do at 20..0r 25 or even 30 maybe.....

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OT: As someone else said here, I never grew up with the "wanting" or "needing" marriage.

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