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Then a girl, apparently unaccompanied by an adult, runs over and starts climbing up a set of shelves stacked with boxes.

As she climbs the robot rolls forward, raising an arm which stops the selves from falling over just as they begin toppling.

In the latest video, Promobot can be seen sitting in a lobby area of the university on an open day as visitors mill about.To make sure your world-changing technology is not lost forever, your team must escape Silicon Valley to discover the secret-sauce before it’s too late.In a race against the clock and diminishing runway, this fully immersive startup journey will have you: recruit reluctant co-founders, crash conferences, get rejected from incubators you’ve never heard of, run out of money (repeatedly), and more!Mr Kivokurtsev added: 'The little girl was playing around and pulled the metal shelve, the robot prevented her from getting hurt.The robot is not programmed that way.'It is unclear what prompted the mirror mode to switch itself on. In June last year a widely shared video of Promobot, which is designed to be a customer service robot for use in shops and shopping malls, apparently escaping from its testing site.

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