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He encouraged me to look for a specialist to see what is wrong that there had to be a deeper cause for it that my current doctors can't cure. I read testimonials then I read of all the different types of conditions women struggle from that most doctors can't diagnose for the lack of lab equipment they have. Fowler my symptoms and how I heard about him he seemed to know exactly what I was talking about. He explained to me that I had inflammatory vaginitis. The news I got was a relief to me that I didn't have to live in so much pain for the rest of my life. I would recommend him to all women who are unsure if they are having a problem down their. Fowler I had vaginal discharge and odor that was affecting my personal life, at work as well as in the bedroom. Fowler regiment I was 100% better with no more odor or discharge and continue to be asymptomatic. Regular use of Clobetasol for the first 3 years eliminated my symptoms. I have had chronic vaginal discharge that caused constant irritation, burning, and itching.

I got up from my bed and I searched online for specialist that deal with women that have my symptoms. So I talked to my fiancé and we made the decision to fill out a new patient forms to get a call from Dr. He sent me home with some very detailed orders I must follow and I have to say that I experienced relief of my symptoms after the first month. Fowler for all the studies and time and hard work you put in to help the people like me. He is quick and tells you immediately what your vulvovaginal condition is and how to fix it and feel great. I could smell myself and so could my co-workers and sex partner. It had become extremely challenging to be active, wear pants or jeans, or even sit at work.

I now live free of chronic vaginal and vestibular burning. I feel gross and do not want to conduct sexual activities.

I told him how this problem I have will mean that when we get married I don't know that we can even make love for how much I hurt all the time. He has always fixed my situations along the way and continues to make things better for me. Scottsdale, Az After many visits to my OBGYN with no resolve I was relieved to finally be referred to Dr. I was in so much pain that I could not even have clothing touching my vagina without it being extremely uncomfortable. I could work out again, wear real clothes, go out in public without feeling in extreme pain and be intimate again with my husband comfortably. Fowler that I would never be "normal" or be without burning pain ever again.

He looked at me and told me that everything is going to be ok and that whatever we had to do we would do to see that we figure it out. My fiancé and I drove all the way from Alabama to Arizona to see Dr. When we got there he was very nice and he gave me a very clear diagnosis for my symptoms. He was my gynecologist at the Mayo Clinic dating back to when he started there. In regard to my vulvar condition, I have remained asymptomatic for years. I am so thankful for the treatment and told my OB that he is "my favorite person EVER! Peoria, Az I have had Lichen Sclerosus for approximately 5 years.

Not only was this a physical relief but also a huge psychological relief. Fowler from a fellow Kaiser nurse whom I work with and she mentioned the symptoms that she had before she visited with Dr Fowler.

Finally - some hope to feel better and "normal." K. My symptoms were very similar, that being pain when having intercourse, vaginal dryness, and little cuts and cracks on the skin between the labia.

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