Diy drivers updating

Use the arrow keys to flip to other pages if you'd like to revert or alter any changes.

"Discard Changes & Exit" will ignore any new settings you've selected, will not apply them at the next reboot, and allows the system to boot up as it normally would.

By now your system is likely to be talking with Microsoft servers to find updates - and there will probably be a lot of them.

This would also be a good time to activate your Windows license with Microsoft.

Software-focused, kicking off with looking through the BIOS, installing our operating system, choosing the right Ge Force graphics drivers, learning about the NVIDIA Control Panel and how to tweak it for our benefit, installing some useful programs, and wrapping everything up by going over some good benchmarking practices to guarantee we'll have comparable results between different settings and components.

Previously we took a good look at each of the major system components, selected those that were right for our needs and budget, took everything out of their boxes, then assembled our system from the ground up.

If you'd like to review the last issue, you can find it here.

A 32-bit OS cannot detect that much and will have issues.

Additionally, Windows 7 does not recognize USB 3.0 devices or ports by default, so you will be required to plug your USB mouse/keyboard into the USB 2.0 slots on the rear or front of your case until you have installed the necessary software.

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