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The designer I talked to was patient and competent, but shared Easy Closet's long-distance disadvantage: Without having been to the apartment, she was hard pressed to imagine solutions to anything I had forgotten or to correct measurements I might have messed up.

Installation is as important as design in determining which supplier works best for you.

If life were fair, we would all have closets like that of Candy Spelling, the wife of the television producer Aaron Spelling.

Built in the couple's mansion in the Holmby Hills section of Los Angeles, her enormous dressing chambers are equipped with motorized racks like the ones dry cleaners use, which instantly summon sables and Valentinos to her side.

A representative for Clos-ette ( also came to the apartment, but equipped with a pitch instead of pamphlets or a portfolio.

California Closets ( was among the first companies to offer sleek storage for those doing without an architect, and it showed in the presentation.Assuming you have the right browser (Safari on my Mac was incompatible), the planner is easy to use.Of course, the drawback to doing it yourself is that, well, you are doing it yourself.California Closets uses its own crew, which provides the most streamlined solution.Easy Closets and the Container Store require that you install their shelves and hanging rods, although both companies will refer you to services that will do it at additional cost.

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