Hot cams

My tech who has 10 plus years experience called me over to see this, lucky he took them out or the head would have got fried.

Can feel the torque in your back from no throttle to full. combine with k&n, pipe, and new jet and hang on tight to the handlebars. bike will easily hang with a buggy until you run out of gears that is. Like the power spread, moved power band from all 3rd to 2nd, 3rd and 4th.These cams are CNC milled from 8620 billet steel and have been case hardened to match or exceed the quality of OEM parts.So count of these camshafts lasting the life of your bike.Quick tip, make sure valve adjustments are set correctly and play around with the jetting to get the best performance. i would recommend this cam to anyone who wants good reliable horsepower at an affordable price. If I get her an intake and jet kit to go with it do you think a stage 1 or 2 hot cam would be more functional?installation was also very simple with their detailed directions! The stage 1 hot cam Will give you more low-end and is the milder of the to cams.

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