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Historical comics The first Polish comics date back to the early 20th century, when the country regained its independence.

Christa came up with two sailors named Kajtek and Koko.

From the late 50s, for a decade, their comical adventures appeared in the Wieczór Wybrzeża newspaper.

Chmielewski (aka Papcio Chmiel) on the other hand is the brain behind Tytus, Romek and A’Tomek, two boy scouts and an anthropomorphised chimpanzee named Tytus.

They get around in a flying vehicle, which was sometimes a bathtub, a trumpet or an iron.

Their most memorable exploits are captured in the comic series Kajtek i Koko w kosmosie (Kajtek and Koko in Space).

Many of these comics came out in the magazine Świat Młodych (Youth World).

For years Christa maintained that the similarities were a coincidence.

Some have described as significant the fact that the last "Kajko and Kokosz" book was published the same year as the first Polish translation of an Asterix book appeared.

Titles include Kapitan Żbik (Capitan Żbik) and Pilot śmigłowca (Chopper Pilot).

The former starred a headstrong officer of the Citizen's Militia drawn by several accomplished Polish illustrators: Grzegorz Rosiński, Bogusław Polch and Jerzy Wróblewski. Przygody profesora Filutka (The Adventures of Professor Filutek) by Zbigniew Lengren is from the same period, but constitutes a separate chapter in the history of Polish comics.

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