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She was born into a wealthy farming family in the small village of Sanmaiden in what is now Nara prefecture on April 18, 1798.

As a child she showed a remarkable generosity of spirit as well as unusual devotion to the nembutsu faith of Pure Land (J's headquarters.

She became a paragon of virtue through obedience and hard workthe "good wife and wise mother" according to the contemporary Confucian feminine ideal.

Nevertheless, Miki endured intense personal suffering. Her mother-in-law constantly bullied her, while her husband Zenbei led a dissolute life that almost led to her death when his lover Okano, the family maid, tried to poison her.

After Zenbei died in 1853, she began to proclaim her new faith by reciting the simple prayer Namu Tenri--no-Mikoto ("Honor to the Lord of Divine Wisdom") on the street corners of Osaka.

She also began to attract many converts because of her miraculous healing powers, especially her ability to grant a painless passage through childbirth (obiya yurushi).

Miki's turning point occurred on October 23, 1838, when she was forty years old.As a last resort, a mountain ascetic (yamabushi) was called to perform an exorcism (yosekaji) on Shji.The normal procedure for an exorcism required the ascetic to recite incantations that forced the evil spirit to enter a female medium., but also for understanding what is novel about the many new religious movements that arose and flourished in Japan since the end of the nineteenth century.The church's sacred biographies present a sanctified image of Miki as a shrine of God who was also a divine model for all who sought salvation.

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