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As it happens the bodies were placed in a position of a human sun dial and so that showed the Unsub was somehow counting down to something though they didn’t know what his end game was.The team considered the possibilities and they had been left flummoxed about what the Unsub could be planning yet things with Reid took a wrong turn.The victims all turned out to be returning graduates that had excelled academically and were even reported on in the local paper so that blue shawl that had been put on them was a mockery of the valedictorian sash they had all worn.So that begged the question of what tipped him off?So make sure to bookmark this spot and come back for our Criminal Minds recap between 9 PM – 10 PM ET! He was apparently keeping to border towns and that allowed him to use the easy access to cross over to Mexico at will. It just showed that he was still around and could have possibly targeted their friend Reid. She knew that he was having a hard time in prison and that Lewis could more freely speak to him if she claimed to be Reid’s therapist however Reid wasn’t in a good place when Lewis saw him.While you wait for the recap make sure to check out all our Criminal Minds spoilers, news, videos, recaps & more, right here! Reid had recently drugged half of his cell block and there were still people in the hospital because of what he did. Reid had just wanted to take a stand and refuse to pass along drugs for some of the other cell mates though he had hut others in the process and that was pretty hard for him to live with.

The team had learned that a hiker found three bodies all strung up in the Arizona desert and the deaths appeared to be ritualistic.So Tara pulled back and she had talked things over with Prentiss before deciding that she would take a different approach.Elsewhere, however, the team were connecting the dots.Though there were also few others things that were creepy.Like the fact the victims al had some kind of blue shawl draped over their shoulders and that there were several water bodies found nearby.

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