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She explains with a shrug: "When you sleep with so many, you kind of lose count."The appalling picture of soulless - and reckless - promiscuity among Britain's youth was revealed in a BBC3 documentary series last night. With Mum and Dad, Miss Tunney confesses her sexual tally to her shocked mother, Debbie, but insisted that many girls of her age "slept around", adding: "Girls around here do it all the time."The youngster told her 45-year-old mother, who is separated from Cheryl's father, how she picked up men, including a drug dealer, by trawling online dating and networking sites in internet cafes.Miss Tunney's own listing on Britain's most popular social network website, Bebo, which has 11 million users, most of them teenagers, shows her posing suggestively in a bikini.possibly including the beginnings of developing LAWFULLY ORGANIZED ARMED CIVILIAN POSSE'S, due to the magnitude and threat our self-serving CRIMINALS present, which have literally walked away with freedom from prosecution, law, order, justice and common civility, for literally EVERY CITIZEN in AMERICA.As INNOCENT "Co Intel Pro" TARGETS of these lowlife DEVIANT SATANIC TRAITORS within, this may soon result in the ONLY SOLUTION for SAVING AMERICA, let alone trying to " Make America Great Again." We have a major issue to be confronted and dealt with, namely Satanic ZIONIST MONEY-MAFIA JEWS, that have co-opted and CORRUPTED every aspect of our governments, Military brass, and own the Mainstream Media as a way to promote their false and EVIL agenda, as in Hitler's time, as the "Ministry of Propaganda" run by Josef Goebbel's.There is solution coming soon, but one they are going to hate.

In the documentary, which brings children and parents together for a frank discussion about sex in a bid to mend relationships between the generations, the teenager admitted that some internet contacts asked her to have sex without preamble. " but she claimed she often made dates and then stood the men up.Mulvey for our 'elite' PSYCHOPATHS, in order to continue running the Government Run (Military, CIA, NSA-Mossad, DEA, BATF&E, Homeland Security) DRUG CARTEL for their 'Shadow Gum'mint' 'handlers," which are the Federal Reserve and Bankster Money launders, who are the biggest beneficiaries, as OWNERS of our co-opted and corrupted "Pizzagate" class Government, Military and Main Stream Media, which have DESTROYED our fine nation, formerly known as the United States of America, with its revered motto and what it once stood for ..."the land of Free and home of the brave, with liberty and justice for all." Today, America is but an arm of the Satanic ZIONIST CULT, and is the lil' Bitch of Israel's, which are made up of 90% ZIONIST JEWS, which aren't SEMETIC JEWS, and actually are followers of Lucifer, better known as SATAN.Trooper turned MSP Major, Chris Mason (ROGUE In Festigator in Worthingto Gate) as COMRAD of the GESTAPO'S MA FUSION CENTER, and Det. Robert Irwin Under former ROGUE, MA AG, Martha Coakley and his boss Criminal Bureau Chief, Renee Du Puis (Now Judge Du PUis) to the lead and Major of Detectives for the entire State of The Dearly Departed Land" Massachusetts, which rounds out THEIR 'protection' staff for THEIR racketts.I'll BE UPDATING THIS WEB SITE MASSIVELY VERY SOON.

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  2. TREND TAMER #4: Stop trying to force people to communicate in unnatural ways. Not to sound like a broken record here – we’d rather be your favorite song on repeat – but that user-generated content that everyone’s been trying to tap into for years is only going to get stronger. You’ll never catch every comment made about your brand – contrary to popular belief, not everything is posted on Facebook or Twitter – so stop trying.

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