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Parents are still sexual beings, but if they don't want to share that part of themselves with their kids, then they should be extra careful when putting in numbers and sending texts.

If they do want to let their kids know that changes are happening and they are meaningful enough to warrant a conversation, then a conversation should be had.

A weird way to find out mom is a lesbian is to receive a text from her that she thought she sent to a friend.

That's how one child found her mom was embarking on an adventure with the same sex.

A major one is that sending a text to the wrong person is embarrassing, and it can be captured forever.

Plus, a text can be shared on the Internet offering indisputable truth that someone did a humiliating, illegal, or immoral thing.

There is a special kind of torture called the group text.It's worth it to check a number multiple times before pressing the send key, and it's not a bad idea to stop messaging once it's confirmed that the wrong number is being used.One mom went as far as to argue with the person she misdialed, escalating the already hilarious conversation to a whole different level.Parents and kids even text each other instead of speaking directly, which is pulling even older generations into the digital age.There are a ton of reasons that texting is simpler than lengthy phone calls, but there are also some downsides to depending on texts for everything.

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Though mom apologized and made sure her child knew that text was meant for her father, at least relieving her child from thinking about mom riding someone else's bologna pony, there's really no way to get that image out of the brain.

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