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The Links are a 1.5 km long, a roughly triangular-shaped sand-dune covered area extending north from the bay on the central and eastern side of the valley (Figure 1).

When excavating the backside of the frontal dune; we found barbed wire 1.5m below the surface.However, since OSL dating is expensive (£600 per sample), we will select a subset of the samples collected to by dated. Our first investigation site was a 15x32m rectangular area adjacent to the current Broo archeology excavation.This effort was designed to identify walls in an area that will be excavated next summer (Figure 5).The UMaine portion of the research focuses on using ground-penetrating radar (GPR) to characterize dune stratigraphy and locate structural archaeological remains, and the collection of sediment samples for geological characterization and Optically Stimulated Luminescence (OSL) dating.These results will hopefully contribute to an understanding of the geological and societal impacts of the large influxes of sand that have occurred in the Quendale region in prehistoric and historic settings.

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