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and it is not a huge database , their office adress , no??? #1 Was involved with someone else and was close to matching with him- Too bad for you. No problem with LTP, but your timing was off.#2 Moved to Moscow- From what you wrote, they told you it is difficult to contact her, but they didn't say it was impossible.Fred, Let us review what I think you said: You selected 4 women to contact at LTP. Many women move to Moscow from Tver and occasionally come back from time to time.Russians generally learn faster than westerners so you are likely to be a loser in this game.Expose yourself to situations where you are likely to meet someone.These are purely Slavic girls who are well-known for their beauty, inner warmness and great housekeeping skills.

but even the adress of their office is not right ......!!theyanswered with "no, it was a very good letter , unusual in a good wayand better than most letters we get "they also told me that they phoned that girl to read the letter on thephone , funilly enough ,i talk about pizza on phone but about humanfeelings face to face .......if it is their way of doing !!!then i have been waiting for a while ( a few days) then asked theagency "" did she come ?? so i started to dig a litlle deeper in the web , and soon was todiscover a few comments from past customers whom were saying basically="" it used to be very good , but now it seems to be a bit akward ""so after waiting 12 days , which not lot in absolute but that girl isnot supposed to have a job ( on website she is described as ""currently non employed "" ) which in my thoughts is largely enoughtime in a town of 600.000 hab.things are set to change sometimes .......being very suspicious by nature , i always considered that agenciesare meat market ....the best way to get to know a russian woman is to go to russia ,and let it happen when you know the country , the peoples , the waythey think and so on ......!!but not long ago , i have found an agency , so being curious andsuspicious , i start digging on the web , to see if it was the theusual ""fast bucks"" agency ....reports said a good and honest agencybeing at the same time a bit shy with love things , i kept on lookingfor about 2 weeks at a few profile before throwing myself in the they give the advice , i pickedup 4 girls and send a message"are they still availlable"the first one was still "on offer" , but was matched but she was to betaken away ""very soon"" the whole story started at the beginning ofmay , now it is end of may , she is still on the site as "on offer"..........(not a very good sign.....!

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