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She made only two movies - "Debbie Does Dallas" and "Debbie Does Dallas II" - became a huge sensation in the late 1970s, then literally disappeared off the face of the earth.

They talked the very elusive Jennifer Welles into an interview.

R4 They actually have an interview with Kristine De Bell in a piece about the making of Alice in Wonderland. It's a written interview, but she does talk about how she came to be cast in the movie and her experiences making it. I've seen her facebook and she is very religious it seems (and republican - ugh). It would be great for them do a write up on Wade Nichols life.

She's been battling cancer (first breast and then bone cancer) for a while now and in her most recent photos looks like she's had major facial reconstruction surgery. He was a great actor and by all accounts a very nice guy too.

The Rialto Report, the excellent podcast that features interviews with legendary adult film stars from the 1970s and beyond, posted the following on their website this week "Debbie Does Dallas"' also made a star out of the lead actress, Bambi Woods. Some guy found out her real name years ago (Colleen something) and wrote a bad written E-book about it on Amazon. He tried selling it to National Enquirer but they didn't wanna pay much, so he just put out the ebook. The Rialto Report people are very good at finding porn people nearly everyone else couldn't.

The Rialto Report tracked down Bambi Woods recently but has not been able to secure an interview as of yet. They've found Woods, Lisa De Leeuw (long rumored to be dead), and Desiree Cousteau but they're currently not willing to give interviews.

R60 That sounds like her, not sure she's coked out though, she does talk very fast sometimes. There were times where she would demand a full body make-up job and once had a big meltdown when she had a small blemish on her face and only Kay Parker could calm her down.

But she knew she could get away with it, her movies always sold well.

Erik said Wade was completey respectful and never stepped over any lines during the scene.

He didn't seem all that bright, but he did seem to be a genuinely nice guy. I would love to see recent pictures of her, though. It's just sad to witness the virtual disappearance of a person, though. It's good that she's in good spirits despite everything.

I like the way the Rialto Report manages to bring out the "real" people behind these stars' porn personas. R9 I'd rather not post it because she's tried her best to stay out of the spotlight and has had lots of troubles like I mention earlier. He's been ill (diabetic) and has been in a nursing home for the last 6 months. There were some truly good actors from that era - Kerman, Wade Nichols, John Leslie, Richard Pacheco, Jamie Gillis, Eric Edwards. That's what's really great about the Rialto Report interviews, actually - they're very bittersweet in a lot of cases. Makes things easier for both her and her caregiver.

R56 I love Erik Edwards, His Rialto Report interview is so fascinating and he's so articulate and intelligent. He's been through some very difficult times personally, and he had a crazy ex-wife who pretty much ruined his life.

To his great credit, he raised his two sons completely on his own.

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